長年の経験から、ほかの品種では溶けてしまうため、青森産のふじを採用。 撮影/伊藤信、文/婦人画報編集部

Unique okonomi-yaki adding fun to your night in Kyoto

Yumeya, specializing in okonomi-yaki, is always full of customers until very late at night.  One of their recommended dishes is “Fukafuka” (950 yen).  The flour dough dissolved by a thin broth is mixed with grated yam and egg making the okonomi-yaki extremely soft and fluffy.  Beef, pork and squid also add more taste.  Yumeya’s okonomi-yaki is larger than usual, so the quantity is not a question.  Beside their popular okonomi-yaki, Yumeya also offers unique menu items such as “Yumehei,” an omelet using many eggs and “Tofu Okonomi-yaki,” an okonomi-yaki made with healthy tofu both fresh and deep-fried. The special dish of fried udon noodles with beef innards is seasoned with their secret recipe sauce making it absolutely original.


Name Yumeya
Address 1 Magohashi-cho, Kawabata-dori Nijo-agaru, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-751-9645
Hours 17:00-24:00
Closed Wed.
URL http://www.nijo-yumeya.jp/
Recommended Yaki-soba fried noodles using thin noodles make excellent match with the sauce.
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    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. ,
    Fujin-Gaho,August issue,2012