Uji Jinja Shrine


長年の経験から、ほかの品種では溶けてしまうため、青森産のふじを採用。 撮影/伊藤信、文/婦人画報編集部

“Mikaeri Usagi” messenger of a god leads you to the right path

Uji’s local shrine, Uji Jinja Shrine, has a 1,700 year history. The enshrined deity is Uji no Waki Iratsuko, who is well known as deity of learning as she was wise from her childhood. Some performing arts including denraku had been held at the Rikyu Festival from the end of Heian period to Kamakura period and it attracted many people. “Mikaeri Usagi (Looking-Back Rabbit)” is enshrined at the main hall. According to the legend, it is said that a rabbit guided the deity who got lost on the way to Uji from Kawachi province, by looking back at the deity.


Name Uji Jinja Shrine
Address 1 Uji Yamada, Uji City, Kyoto
Tel 0774-21-3041
Hours Entry (gate open): 6:00-18:00 (special prayer until 16:00)
URL http://uji-jinja.com/
Recommended The main building is designated as the important cultural property.
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