Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple


長年の経験から、ほかの品種では溶けてしまうため、青森産のふじを採用。 撮影/伊藤信、文/婦人画報編集部

Peaceful smiles of Buddhist statues and resonate temple bell

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple stands silently in the mountainous area of Okusaga Toriimoto.  The temple overlooks an old town at the foot of Mount Atago.  Originally, this temple was commissioned by Emperor Shotoku in the mid 8th century and named Otagi Temple.  After being destroyed several times during its long history, it was finally restored as Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple.  An assemblage of important Buddhist statues, including the Eleven-faced and Thousand-hand Kannon and a group of 28 Buddhist statues are solemnly enshrined in the main hall.  There are a number of handmade, stone Buddhist statues all around the temple ground that were donated by the worshippers.  Every statue has a different face and it may be fun to try to find the one that has a similar face to you!


Name Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple
Address 2-5 Saga Toriimoto Fukatani-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-865-1231
Hours 8:00-16:45
URL http://www.otagiji.com/
Recommended Entry: 300 yen
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