Inoue Tsukudaniten


長年の経験から、ほかの品種では溶けてしまうため、青森産のふじを採用。 撮影/伊藤信、文/婦人画報編集部

Unique long-standing deli in the Nishiki Food Market

Established in 1884, Inoue Tsukudaniten is located in the Nishiki Food Market of Kyoto.  Although it is called Tsukudaniten (a shop specialized in tsukudani, small pieces of seafood, meat or seaweed cooked in sweetened soy sauce and sweet rice wine), this shop has between 70 to 80 kinds of different home-style dishes of Kyoto called obanzai, such as Manganji Togarashi Konbu (simmered Manganji pepper and kelp) and Ika Myoga Su (squid and Japanese ginger with vinegar).  The popular item among tourists is the chocolate croquette.  The chocolate and milk mixture is left overnight to settle and then freshly deep-fried.  You can enjoy the melting chocolate when it is hot and it is also good cold.  Chocolate lovers will be delighted with this new and unusual item.


Name Inoue Tsukudaniten
Address 485 Naka Uoya-cho, Nishikikoji-dori Yanaginobanba-nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-221-4357 
Hours 9:00-18:00
Closed Wed., 1st, 3rd Sun.
Recommended Yakisoba croquette is also worth trying.
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    Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. ,
    Fujin-gaho,July issue,2011