長年の経験から、ほかの品種では溶けてしまうため、青森産のふじを採用。 撮影/伊藤信、文/婦人画報編集部

Enjoy real “kappo” Japanese-style cooking using fresh ingredients

Atomura is popular kappo restaurant located along Kamo River.  A few minute-walk to the south from Shijo Street on Kiyamachi Street reach this nice restaurant. Atomura is famous for its simple Japanese-style cooking and sincere hospitality. The restaurant is always busy with local customers who enjoy authentic style cuisine, with plenty of seasonal ingredients: sea bream in spring, hamo (pike eel) in summer, matsutake mushroom in autumn and crab in winter – these are all absolutely “Delicious!”  Basket lunch box is particularly popular to women as it’s full of delicious food, including dashi-maki egg roll, duck loin, flavored cooked shrimp and seasonal vegetables. It is suitable lunch menu for your special day.


Name Atomura
Address 139 Saito-cho, Kiyamachi Shijo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-343-3770
Hours 11:30-14:00 (L.O.); 17:00-21:30 (L.O.)
Closed 無休
Recommended For lunch mini kaiseki curse and night courses, reservation is required. Catering and take-out are available. Kawadoko riverbed dining is available during summer months.
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    Photo: Koichi Higashtani Written by:Kazuko Sato Translation to English by AD BRAIN INC. ,
    Fujin-gaho,July issue,2011